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complete shopping list : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtfjddCOChQedC1zWnpiVlp2UEVCQ0JWdGE3LUpVVEE

Make 9 more bikes.

metalwork for speakers

(we need 8 more sets)

  • round tube 35mm, cut piece of 42 cm long
    • drill holes for speakerpads at the ends, see template
    • half round cutout for bike mount, see template. Kurt zal die achteraf doen.
    • paint black
  • 8x10cm pads for speakers
    • drill holes as in template.
    • paint black
  • Mount speakerpads on tube with M8x60 en M8 nuts


(9 needed)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/timelab/sets/72157629836349955/
  • Use black plastic box and lid
  • drill 2 x 5mm holes in the lid to line up with the slots in te box. Will be used to screw the lid on the box with M4 bolts and nuts
  • lasercut bottomplate and amp mounting pads from 4mm mdf, see coreldraw files:
  • drill holes in bottom of box, use in the lasercut big_box_bottom as guide
  • drill holes in box, use in the connectortemplate
  • drill 3mm holes in side of the box to mount the beaglebox, use the template
  • drill 6mm hole on the back for volume adjustments of the amp (later when we have the new amps)
  • put LED, switch and chargerconnectors to the front of the box


(7 boxes needed)

  • make box for beagleboard out of 3mm MDF, 2mm MDF and 2mm plexi.
Bestand:Beaglebox kurt 9 5 2012.cdr
  • glue 2mm nutholder on top plate put 2 x M3 nut in it and put some tape over it.
  • put board into housing, with 4 x nylon M3 bolt and nuts
  • build rest of the box, put sides on with 4 x M3 metal bolts and nuts.(1 on each side would be enough), put in plexi top
  • connect GPS, audiocable, psu cable


(9 needed)

  • make 5V PSU

--> see drawing and example



--> needed:

    • stripboard
    • heatsink
    • lm323
    • 5ohm power resistor
    • 2 condensators
    • screw terminal
    • wire
    • 2,54mm powerjack


(9 needed)

  • make wiringloom and connectors for battery, charger, fuse, switch, LED

--> see picture and example


assembling box

  • put mdf bottomplate in the box.
  • put amp riser pieces on bottomplate with M5x30 nuts and bolts.
  • put 4 x M5 brackets through mdf and box.
  • mount amp on risers
  • use 2 straps to fix battery in place
  • use strap to fix psu in place


  • Cut 2 pieces of speaker cable, to fit the bike from front to the amp inside the box.
  • strip both ends
  • thread the cable through the metal speakerpads
  • connect wire to speakers.
  • Mount metal speakerpad onto speaker with the screws from the speakers.